54M (177′) Benetti


As the Captain of MY STARFIRE, it is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for VIRGIN YACHTS.

I have had the honor of watching VIRGIN YACHTS, grow and flourish for 10 years with John Meads at the helm. During my years of association with John’s company, I have never had reason to doubt his integrity or his intent to do the best job possible for his customers.  John’s phone is always on and he is a No Problems Only Solutions gentleman who takes personal pride in an amicable resolution if any issue should arise.

John is an honest man.  Job quotes are the actual cost and that cost is always competitive.  A handshake with John means a full hard day’s work for the dollars that are spent.  His accounting is well thought out, invoices are easy to read and there are no hidden costs.

Time schedules are met by VIRGIN YACHTS.  If there is a rain day, work is stepped up to meet the ultimate time frame for the project.  Any warranty issues are taken care of as soon as possible at the yacht’s convenience.

VIRGIN YACHTS is a very detail oriented company.  Brush strokes look like a spray coat.  Their paint jobs are masterful works of art.

VIRGIN YACHTS strongest assets include all of their employees.  They always have a friendly helpful demeanor and I have never witnessed a bad attitude.  I have seen VIRGIN YACHTS employees help STARFIRE’s Crew unload supplies… willingly lending a strong hand when ever needed.  When crew are coming and going in their work area, the inconvenience caused by the crew is met with a VIRGIN YACHTS employee smile.  They end their day with a kind word, a clean area and all of their tools are put away.

Always good and never bad are huge claims to make as a testimonial.  But, these claims are true and heartfelt. VIRGIN YACHTS is a fine company who has proven themselves to be instrumental in STARFIRE’s maintenance program.

Thank you to John and his crew for being there for STARFIRE and never disappointing.

I wish you fair winds & calm seas,


Captain Carl Sputh

Motor Yacht STARFIRE







60M (197') TRINITY